book covers

In addition to in-house work, i have designed various book covers over the years. The straightforward nature of the book cover provides me with a nice change of pace from the complex realities of digital product design and corporate identity work.

I especially enjoy scientific publications, as their nature allows for a more conceptual and less sales-driven approach.

  • client: uitgeverij nieuwezijds, nijgh & van ditmar, various individual researchers
  • role:graphic designer

the stress connection

For this scientific work on resting state activity in people suffering from PTSD, i wanted to highlight the human brain’s problem-solving abilities.

de wonderjaren van henry bright

In Josh Ritter’s dutch-language debut, the protagonist is on a journey with his newborn child, leaving a literal trail of fire. It conjured up such a powerful image that i felt compelled to recreate it on the cover. I collaborated with photographer Mirjam Muller (and a friend willing to be set on fire) to bring Henry to life.


A discrete path on a striking red background illustrates Julian Kooij’s thesis on path analysis.

mindfulness voor beginners

For Jon Kabat-Zinn’s iconic work on non-religious meditation, i wanted to imbue the cover with a sense of calm and focus.

de winst van het werkgeheugen

A subtle nod to the incredible Dick Bruna adorns this book on human memory.

een tragedie in new york

een tragedie in new york

You can’t always get what you want. For Maurice Seleky’s modern tragedy, i tried to capture the New York of Martin Scorsese and Sidney Poitier. The publisher eventually went in a different direction, but i like both versions enough to include them here.


Another one that didn’t make it. The cover for Ranne Hovius’ work on mental illness in literature highlights the isolation of those who suffer from mental illness. Another collaboration with Mirjam Muller.