In my family there is a story about my grandfather, who made a living designing advertising. One morning halfway the 20th century he arrived at the headquarters of one of the world’s biggest breweries, to show them a poster proposal.

He walked in empty-handed.

When he was asked why he hadn’t brought the poster design in question, he pointed out of the window. In the street, propped up against a lamppost, stood the poster. It wasn’t meant to be pored over at arm’s length in a boardroom, he explained. It was supposed to be seen from across the street, amidst the clutter of the city.

Like my grandfather before me, i believe design does not exist in a vacuum.

For eighteen years, i have been supplying some of the Netherlands’ biggest publishers with design solutions that don’t just look good in the boardroom, but that have proven to be as useful to the daily reality of doing business as they are visually striking. During this period i have had the privilege of working alongside various designers, editors, developers, photographers, copywriters and other assorted and felonious debauchees.

I’ve tweaked tiny SVG icons until they render perfectly at twelve by twelve pixels, supervised long-term multivariate testing programmes for tens of thousands of users, and created posters to draw young people to literary festivals. If the job has anything to do with getting your message across, i’m up for it.

In addition to making pixels change color, i am always looking for the perfect black t-shirt. Feel welcome to drop me a line if you’d like to talk about either.